Taylor Rapp Net Worth

Taylor Rapp Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Income

What is Taylor Rapp Net Worth?

Taylor Rapp is an American NFL Player. Taylor Rapp Net Worth is around $4 Million.

What is Taylor Rapp salary?

Taylor Rapp earns an estimated salary of $0.4 Million + Per Year.

What is Taylor Rapp monthly income?

Taylor Rapp monthly income is $35,000 + Per Year.

Who is Taylor Rapp?

In 1997, Taylor Rapp was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He celebrates his birthday on the 22nd date of December. Taylor Rapp is an American football safety for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League. He played college football at Washington, and was selected by the Los Angeles Rams in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Taylor Rapp Net Worth

Full NameTaylor Rapp
Nick NameTaylor 
Date of birth22 December 1997
Age25 years old
BirthplaceAtlanta, Georgia
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorLight Brown
Weight94 Kg
EducationSehome High School
Parents Chiyan Rapp and Chris Rapp
ProfessionAmerican Football Player
Taylor Rapp Net Worth$4 Million

How old is Taylor Rapp?

Currently Taylor Rapp is 25 years old (Born on December 22, 1997).

When was Taylor Rapp born?

Taylor Rapp was born on December 22, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is the height of Taylor Rapp?

The height of Taylor Rapp is 1.83m. (6’0″)

What is the weight of Taylor Rapp?

The weight of Taylor Rapp is 208 lbs (94 kg)

What is the Nationality of Taylor Rapp?

The Nationality of the Taylor Rapp is American.

Is Taylor Rapp a billionaire?

Taylor Rapp is a not billionaire because Taylor Rapp net worth $4 Million.

Where did Taylor Rapp make most of his money?

Taylor Rapp make most of his money from playing.

Why Taylor Rapp is famous?

He is famous for his playing which makes his even more famous.

What is the name of Taylor Rapp Wife?

Taylor Rapp is engaged with Dani Johnson.

Why is Taylor Rapp so rich?

Taylor Rapp net worth $4 million. He is not merely a popular Football player but also one of the most affluent in the game. He accomplished this through hard work and faithfulness. Rapp’s name can be discovered on today’s list of most famous American Football players. He spent countless hours establishing himself as a celebrated figure, and his struggles paid off handsomely.

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